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To the dedicated reader, there is no question quite so outrageous as: What's your favourite book?

I'm...I'm sorry, such bibliophiles splutter, did you As in, singular?

Because we at Munro's understand that deer-in-the-headlights feeling, we've listed some of our favourites below. And yes, that's favourites. Plural.

Staff Favourites: Recent Releases
Angela's Picks
Anna's Picks
Carol's Picks
Chloe's Picks
Dan's Picks
David's Picks
Emilee's Picks
Hannah's Picks
Ian's Picks
Jessica P.'s Picks
Jessica W.'s Picks
Justina's Picks
Gloomy, meditative fiction and a smattering of cookbooks.
Kirsten's Picks
Marianne's Picks
Marie Claude's Picks
Parker's Picks
Sam's Picks
Sarah M-W's Picks
Taliah's Picks
Teigan's Picks
Todd's Picks
Tom's Picks
Best reads in contemporary sports writing and other nonfiction.
Vito's List of Must-Read Sci-Fi
The future is awesome! Revel in its shiny chrome brilliance!
Vito's List of Great History Books
Tired of fiction? Want some inexpensive education? Just interested in history in general? Well, I've got you covered.
Vito's List of Historical Fiction Gems
Want something set in the past? Here's a list of some good reads.
Vito's List of Entertaining Light Reads
Want something that's like a beach read but that is actually well-written? A good time killer that isn't also a mind-killer? Here you go...
Vito's List of Great Mystery Reads
Here is a far from complete list of spectacular mystery reads.
Vito's List of Zany and or Weird Fiction
Sometimes people want something that's just bizarre, here are some of my favourites.
Zoë's Picks