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New Middle Grade Books
A new group of hardcover and paperbacks for ages 9-13 (stay tuned for updates!)
Great Graphics
A mix of some of our latest and greatest favourites!
Mysteries for Ages 6-11
Great Who-done-its for young readers and family story time!
Reluctant Reads
Compelling, fast-paced, interactive and highly illustrated books to get them reading
Sophisticated Books
For Precocious Readers Who Need a Challenge
LGBTQ+ Reads
Novels and Graphic Novels for Ages 9-13
Diverse and Anti-Racism Titles
Read Diversely, Read Widely
Indigenous Books for Middle Grade Readers
Ages 9-12
Wimpy Kid Read-Alikes
Illustrated, irreverant and hilarious alternatives
Strong Female Protagonists
Our favourites for ages 8-13
For Fans of Percy Jackson
Action, Adventure, Danger, Magic and Myth for Middle Grade Readers
Illustrated Novels for Ages 10-14
Because we all deserve pictures!
Graphic Novels for Raina Telgemeier Fans
Frends, relationships, misadventures, and a bit of angst for your insatiable reader
Dyslexia Friendly Middle Grade Books
Books for Building Empathy
Realistic stories of unique and challenging experiences
Graphic Novels with Male Protagonists
for Middle Grade Readers
Middle Grade Books Set Outside of North America