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Books Becoming Movies in 2018!
Angela's Graphic Novel Pics
Anna's English Nostalgia
Casper's Favourites (Age 5-6)
Here are some of my son's favourites - longer picture books and shorter novels that worked great for my 5/6 year old!
Emilee's Picture Book Picks
Emilee's Middle-Grade Must-Reads
Emilee's Young Adult Favourites
Jan's middle grade picks
Jan's Young Adult picks
Jan's YA Graphic Novel picks
Janine's Favourite Picture Books
Kelsey's Favourite Picture Books
Kelsey's Ages 6-8 Picks
Kelsey's Ages 8-12 Picks
Kelsey's Ages 12-14 Picks
Kelsey's Ages 14+ Picks
Kelsey's Picks for Reluctant Readers (Elementary/Middle)
Kelsey's Picks for Reluctant Readers (Secondary)
Kirsten's Favourite Picture Book Read-Alouds (Ever)
Kirsten's Favourite Primary Novels
Kirsten's Chicken (and Farm) Book Obsession
Kirsten's Favourite Novels (Ages 9-13)