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Interested in working at Munro's?

We are always accepting applications from individuals who are outgoing, friendly, and possess both a passion for books and the ability to share that enthusiasm with customers and coworkers. This job requires great attention to detail; we'll expect accuracy in all areas, from the sales desk to the maintenance of store systems. Applicants should be able to prioritize their duties, and show flexibility, particularly at busy times of year. Great spelling, proficiency with computers and researching, and a broad base of general knowledge are all important for successful bookselling. Providing excellent customer service is our staff's primary objective.



  • Provide friendly, authentic, and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of current bestsellers, popular titles, and classics in order to make personalized recommendations to our customers.
  • Use both in-store database and online resources to locate books for customers. 
  • Handle purchases at the register accurately & efficiently.
  • Be able to alphabetize, sort, label and stock books accurately & efficiently.
  • Move books and boxes between overstock areas and sales floor. The ability to carry books and heavy boxes up and down stairs is essential.
  • Show initiative for the daily maintenance of the bookstore: tidying & cleaning, dusting, organizing, replacing items which have sold.
  • Show initiative and teamwork in sharing information with colleagues and managers to respond to customer requests, sales opportunities, etc. 
  • Support senior booksellers by “backing up” different sections of the store—restocking and tidying shelves on their days off or vacations.

With experience, booksellers at Munro’s also gradually take on additional responsibilities, which includes responsibility for particular subject areas. Staff look after stocking & displaying new titles, reordering books as they sell, returning old stock, and providing feedback to buyers. Additional duties can include receiving books and magazines, returning overstock, website maintenance, processing mail orders, etc. It is expected that all full-time booksellers will maintain a good working knowledge of the daily operations of the store. We take great pride in our committed staff of professional booksellers, and we always look forward to adding promising newcomers to our team!


Click here to download our application form as a PDF. Please email your application form and a copy of your resume to, or drop them off in store.