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Trans & Non-Binary Authors (Fiction & Poetry)
Trans & Non-Binary Authors (Non-Fiction)
Trans & Non-Binary Authors (Young Adult & Children's)
Anti-Racism for Kids
Read Widely
Fiction and poetry you don't want to miss.
Indigenous Non-Fiction
Indigenous Fiction - Canadian & International
Mystery Series: Book One
Start your engines!
Pandemic Reading
For those who prefer to lean in to our troubled times.
Relaxation and Stress Relief
Whether you need to burn energy, get more sleep, or give your hands something to do while attempting to meditate for the first time, we've got you covered.
Need a Laugh?
...Need we ask?
Bird is the Word (B-b-b-bird, know the song!)
Birdwatching is a great outdoor activity--homeschoolers take note!
Bucket List Reads
It's time to tackle that doorstopper.
Coffee Table Books
Scenes of beauty you can revisit again and again. 
Beautifully Bound Classics
Time-tested tales that double as decor. 
Words of Wisdom
For those seeking clarity in chaos.
Books for Self Isolating
Fiction and nonfiction on the art of being alone.
Home Workouts
Step one: Remember to stand up.
Crafting Books
Make something beautiful.
Armchair Travel
Live vicariously.
Books to Get Lost In
Wouldn't you like an escape?
Anxiety and Self Care
Resilience is a skill.
Parenting and Relationships
You're not alone. Even if you'd like to be.
The Creative Spark
Look within. You might surprise yourself.
Comfort Reads
We all deserve a break.
Get bready. (And then make some other stuff to go with it.)